Train time: 575km/h of TGV goodness

UPDATE: In the time it took me to write that I couldn’t find this on the web, it got put on YouTube – chouette!

You can see the France 2 programme here – skip to about 13.15 to see the really fast bit…

I just watched a little bit of transport history in the lunchtime news on France 2 - the TGV just set a new speed record for trains-on-rails (maglev trains can go faster but purists say they’re not on rails – I say pragmatically that I can go on the TGV any time I want but it’s a bit trickier for me to get to China, so this is more exciting) of 574.7 km/h.

That is seriously bloody fast.

I just booked some tickets to go on the ICE so that’s double European high speed train joy over two days. Princess is super fast and international – and on the Thalys tomorrow too! Wow, technically that’s triple train excitement – I’d better go and lie down in a darkened room…

Isn’t this exciting? Trains are getting faster and faster and more and more comfortable. I love planes as we all know but trains are great as well. In fact a train journey gives you more sense of travelling, and you just turn up at the station rather than being forced into holding pen and made to buy sunglasses for hours on end at airports. Even better, when we all have to stop flying in a few years because there’s no oil left the train will still work (even if we have no money for tickets as the global economy has stopped).

Cooler still, they set this new record on the sexy, brand-spanking new TGV Est track between Paris and Strasbourg – I wonder if its as smooth and fast as Paris-Marseilles? And I wonder how long it is until public services will go this fast – I could totally eat some high speed canap├ęs at 550 km/h…

Here’s a video form yesterday getting excited about the record attempt:

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